Subject to Change addresses the increasing ambiguity of information literacy in current affairs news reporting and how this can be addressed for young news users who are disengaging from news, rejecting news. Robert Grudin poses that “if good design tells the truth, poor design tells a lie, a lie usually relating to the getting or abusing of power”.

Subject to Change is a space to explore the grey area of truth and news which will be accompanied by a potential zine or other format such as a website that lays out these academic theories in a way that is visually engaging and can be taken away and referred back to if needed.

This research proposal outlines Subject to Change - a research project which aims to challenge how we consume current affairs news media and to create awareness of its implications on our worldview. It is 2018 and we have never before had this kind of access to news media. 

We inhabit this strange postmodern space where information bombards us from all sides in countless mediums therefore how can design challenge young media users who are feeling an overwhelming sense of being mislead and confused whom could also be in danger of disconnecting from news completely.

News media is constructed, it is, in a sense, a form of reality but it is not necessarily real.